Welcome to Peru and to the magical world of the "Callejon de Huaylas" - surrounded by the big snow mountains of the CORDILLERA BLANCA. Which have an altitude of about of 6,000 m. The highest point at 6768 m. Is the within great Huascarán mountain. There are beautiful greens gulches where we will find a natural atmosphere that is unique in the world. We will also have the opportunity to see astonishing CORDILLERA HUAYHUASH. 

Our programs include the best and most impressive scenery and climbing. Programs for the inexperienced and experienced In order to arrange special programs just contact our office.

Quebrada Los Cedros – Alpamayo






Arrival to the city of Lima. Transfer from the airport to the Hotel. Contact with the Guide.

2nd day: LIMA – HUARAZ. Breakfast in the hotel. Transfer to Huaraz by private transport or public bus; the trip lasts about 8 hours arriving in the afternoon. Night in a three stars hotel.

3rd day: DAY OFF. Day off. In the City. Breakfast. Checking-in of the equipment and food.

4th day: HUARAZ – HUALCAYAN – HUISCASH. Breakfast 6:30 am. Departure from Huaraz to Hualcayán. By private transport. In this place we find archaeological remains. Beginning of the Walk toward Huiscash. Camp on the way we’ll be able to see several snow mountains like Milhuacocha, and Rajucocha. 4 – 5 hour walk.

5th day: HUISCASH – OSORURI. Departure at 8:00 am from Osoruri. We will pass the Cullicocha Lake (4600). First pass Cullicocha (4850) Snow Mountains as Santa Cruz, and Millhuacocha. 6 – 7 hour walk.

6th day: OSORURI – JANCARURISH (4250). Second pass Los Cedros (4750), we will cross the Los Cedros Gulch the ALPAMAYO gulch; some circle shaped archaeological remains and agricultural terraces, belonging to the Recuay culture. Snow mountains: Millhuacocha, Pilanco, Pumapampa, and others. We will Continue our trek until arriving to Jancarurish from where we’ll have an impressive view of the ALPAMAYO (5947) in its pyramidal shape, winner of the competition of scenic beauties, carried out in Munich – Germany in 1963, obtaining the titles of THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MOUNTAIN IN THE WORLD. 6 – 7 hour walk.

7th Day: JANCARURISH LAKE (4250) DAY OF. This day we can come closer to the ALPAMAYO Glacier and from that point get better pictures of this mountain.

8th day: JANCARURISH (4250) – HUILLCA (4000). Advancing through an almost hidden path, full with vegetation. Pass Cara Cara (4830) we will descend by the gulch of Moyobamba. Fourth pass: Tayapampa (4500), going down by the Tayapampa gulch until our camp in Huillca 7 – 8 hours walk.

9th day: HUILLCA (4000) – JANCAPAMPA (3400). Walk by Yanta Queñua gulch. Fifth pass: Yanajanca (4600). The Snow Mountains Pucahircas will be at sight until arriving to the Jancapampa camp.

10th day: JANCAPAMPA (3400) – CARHUACASHA (3950). We descend by the Pingospampa gulch. Sixth pass: Tupa Tupa (4400) 6 – 7 hour walk.

11th day: CARHUACASHA (3950) – TUCTUBAMBA (4300). We will observe the Lake Huecracocha, Glacier of Taulliraju. Seventh pass: Alto de Pucaraju (4650). Panoramic view of the Cordillera Blanca (Taulliraju, Chacraraju Piramide de Garcilazo Paria and other). Down to the Tuctubamba camp (4300). 6 – 7 hours walk.

12th day: TUCTUBAMBA (4300) – LAKE ICHIC COCHA (3800). Eighth pass: Punta Union (4750) from where we have an impressive view of the Cordillera Blanca: As Taulliraju, the Rinrijircas, the Pucahircas, ALPAMAYO, Quitaraju, Santa Cruz, Artesonraju, Piramide de Garcilazo and other. We will pass the Jatuncocha Lake. Camp.

13th day: ICHIC COCHA (3800) – CASHAPAMPA (2900). Transfer to Huaraz by private bus celebration with the typical “Pachamanca” meal.

14th day: HUARAZ – LIMA. Transfer to Lima by private transport or public bus; the trip lasts about 8 hours. End of our services.